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Always Family Farms is brought to you by National Farmers. Our Always Family Farms program is devoted to sharing the stories of family farmers who produce milk for the dairy products you enjoy. Why do we do it? To cultivate a better understanding of what family farms are and bring awareness to the importance of these family farmers, ensuring consumers have access to good food produced by good people.

Today, more and more food production companies are making dairy products with milk sourced from investor-owned farms and making it difficult for consumers to distinguish between dairy products that are made with milk from family farms and dairy products made with milk from factory farms. In return, more and more family farmers that have been producing quality milk for generations are going out of business, which has a ripple effect on economic vibrancy, quality of life and ecological health of communities. Family farming is better choice for both the environment and the animals and ensures access to abundant amounts of nourishing and flavorful food for future generations.

More consumers are again recognizing the importance of feeding their families quality food produced by family farms. So, we are more dedicated than ever to help keep family farms alive and help make dairy products that are produced with this quality milk.

We think it’s pretty important to know who’s producing the food we consume and feed our families, and we hope you think so too!

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